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Spectrochip Technology

SpectroChip's groundbreaking high-precision "spectrochip" revolutionizes the design of spectrometers, offering a compact, integrated solution with unmatched accuracy. Its versatile and intelligent features create a common testing platform, empowering advancements in AI, IoT, and big data. Recognized with prestigious awards, it promises to transform Taiwan's optical industry.

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From Complexity to Simplicity:
Breakthrough Spectrochip Reshapes the Field of Spectroscopy

Compared to the old-fashioned spectrometer designs that involved assembling and adjusting multiple optical components, Spectrochip, a revolutionary high-precision spectral chip developed by SpectroChip Inc., has redefined the product architecture. It has achieved a highly integrated and streamlined design (monolithic) and incorporated proprietary process-related designs and developments such as photomasks, production fixtures, and materials. With its high yield (>90%) manufacturing capability, it produces the highest precision (0.5 nanometers) processes in the industry, in the form of tiny fingernail-sized microchips (MEMS SoC).

In comparison to Ocean Optics, the primary manufacturer of traditional spectrometers, Spectrochip has made significant advancements in size. It has successfully reduced its dimensions by approximately 8 times while maintaining its precision and even achieving greater power efficiency.













In terms of production and manufacturing, the traditional method of manufacturing spectrometers is intricate and labor-intensive, resulting in high production time and costs. Consequently, this leads to higher selling prices and an inability to achieve mass production. Due to limitations such as cost, structure, and manufacturing processes, spectrometers have only been adopted in research laboratories and a few large-scale precision machinery equipment. Our company's spectroscopic chips, mass production processes, modules, and systems outperform current spectrometer manufacturing methods in terms of structural stability, cost reduction, and lower selling prices. As a result, we anticipate that our products will have a significant impact on the market.

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Revolutionizing Testing:
The Spectrochip's Universal Applications in Healthcare, IoT, and Big Data

The spectrochip not only delivers exceptional performance, surpassing outdated designs by a significant margin (with a technological advancement estimated to be over 5 years ahead), but its compact size, simplicity, intelligence, affordability, and versatility make it an ideal testing platform. It provides a strong foundation for various technologies such as AI, Internet of Things (IoT), and big data.

Our company applies the spectrochip to miniaturized medical testing instruments. Traditional testing methods present challenges in terms of timeliness and sample transportation for patients receiving home care or residing in remote areas. Patients with chronic conditions in remote regions, such as those requiring regular monitoring of biochemical and immunological data for kidney or liver diseases, often face difficulties with mobility and blood collection. Additionally, rural doctors lack portable testing tools suitable for their needs. Our product is expected to replace a significant portion of standard laboratory functions. Its smaller size allows integration with communication technology, IoT, and cloud technology, facilitating the downsizing and personalization of large-scale testing machines. In the future, it can serve as a point-of-care testing (POCT) instrument suitable for home care or telemedicine.

Through its initial cloud-based intelligent platform, the spectrochip system forms a comprehensive data network that effectively addresses the urgent requirements of industries and the general public in areas related to human well-being, such as healthcare, food safety, and sustainable environmental management. It provides systematic solutions to long-standing issues in preventive healthcare, food safety management, drug abuse, environmental resource recycling, and more.

The high-precision spectrochip and its products have garnered numerous accolades, including consecutive Future Technology Breakthrough Awards and the Best Popular Award at the Ministry of Science and Technology's Future Tech Expo in 2018 and 2019, as well as three major awards at the National Startup Awards in 2020. It was recognized as one of the top 50 new technologies for epidemic prevention at the Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition. In 2021, it received the Ministry of Science and Technology's Outstanding Achievement Award in Industry-Academia Collaboration, and in 2022, it was honored with the Clinical Startup Award at the National Startup Awards. This groundbreaking technological advancement is expected to usher in a new era for Taiwan's optical industry.

Optical Specification

Spectral Accuracy
0.5 nm
Spectrum Data Spacing
0.5 nm
Number of Spectral Bands Accuracy
2400:1 (33.8 dB)
Dynamic Range
4096:1 (36.1 dB)
Stray light
Spectral Resolution
5.0 nm
Spectral Range
300-1000 nm
Detection Principe
Reflection Spectrum
Optical Module size
1.786cm x 0.877cm
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