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About Us

We are changing the future of testing


SpectroChip Inc., founded in 2018 by Associate Professor Cheng-Hao Ko from the National Taiwan University, specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of "spectrochip" technology and related applications. With breakthrough innovations, we have successfully miniaturized laboratory-scale spectrometers into an SD card-sized "spectrochip." It has developed its own manufacturing processes and utilizes wafer production to create spectrochips, making it a Taiwanese startup with original technological patents from research to production.


Based on spectrochip technology, we integrate communication, IoT, and cloud technologies to develop compact and multifunctional spectroscopic detection instruments. These instruments find applications in medical bioanalysis, food safety, environmental monitoring, pharmaceutical control, and more. By overcoming the limitations of bulky detection devices, our instruments can be easily carried out and used for on-the-go, precise, and rapid quantitative analysis, replacing many functions of laboratory equipment without requiring specialized personnel. They meet the diverse testing needs in different fields in a simple, fast, accurate, and versatile manner.


Our company's detection platform based on spectrochip follows the concept of a universal machine: "Everything has a spectrum." Our products are expected to replace many functions of current standard laboratory equipment. Due to their smaller size, they can integrate communication, IoT, and cloud technologies, enabling the downsizing and personalization of large-scale testing machines. In the future, they will become point-of-care testing (POCT) instruments suitable for home care or telemedicine. Apart from medical health, they also offer complete testing solutions for various fields, addressing real-time, comprehensive monitoring, testing, and prevention in food safety and sustainable environmental resource management. After obtaining certification from the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), SpectroChip is actively expanding into the global market. It has obtained the formal registration number of the U.S. FDA 510K and initiated multiple international collaborations, aiming to become one of Taiwan's leading and important high-tech startup companies.



To innovate advanced diagnostic solutions across various industries, enabling accurate and efficient testing to improve health, safety, and quality of life globally.


To be a global leader in advanced diagnostic solutions, empowering individuals and industries with cutting-edge technology that delivers accurate and efficient testing for improved health, safety, and quality of life worldwide.


Our Clients

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