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  • Flat-field micro concave grating chip with spectral range: 300-1000 nm
  • Highly accurate optical characteristics, wavelength resolutions: <7 nm
  • Direct connection to Raspberry Pi SBC 
  • Free measurement software and Python source code available
  • Dimension: 44  × 47.28 × 26.25 mm, a compact design for easy integration

Pleroma Micro-spectrometer

SKU: MSR-001
Deliver within 3~4 weeks of the purchase date
  • Pleroma is a spectrometer integrated with optical MEMS chip and an image sensor developed by Spectrochip Inc.. Light to be measured is guided into the entrance port of Pleroma (e.g. through an optical fiber) and the spectrum measured with the built-in image sensor is output from the CSI port for data acquisition. Pleroma allow accurate measurement with low noise. Pleroma comes with evaluation software and Python source code that allows settings of measurement conditions, acquiring and saving data, and displaying graphs. Pleroma is designed to take full advantage of open-source feature of Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer (SBC) - the most widely distributed SBC - for quick and easy customization of user applications.

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