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Micro Spectrometer


Experience seamless and easy spectral analysis with our state-of-the-art USB-connected spectrometer. This cutting-edge device boasts the same exceptional specifications as our Pleroma model, ensuring precise measurements with minimal noise.
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Where Innovation Meets Precision:
the World-first Chip Spectrometer

Key Features

  • Plug and Play:  Quick and easy operation. Simply plug in and start capturing accurate spectral data.

  • Optical Excellence: Equipped with an integrated optical MEMS chip and high-performance image sensor, our spectrometer guarantees accurate measurements for your applications.

  • Versatile Entrance Port: Accommodating various optical input methods, including optical fibers, our spectrometer effortlessly captures light from many sources for comprehensive analysis.

  • CSI Port for Data Acquisition: The Camera Serial Interface port facilitates seamless data transfer, enabling efficient processing and analysis of the acquired spectral information.

  • Evaluation Software: Included with the spectrometer is intuitive evaluation software and Python source code. This empowers users to effortlessly configure settings, acquire and store data, and visualize results with ease.

  • Rapid Customization: Our spectrometer allows swift customization of user applications to suit specific requirements.

Plug, Measure, Excel: Spectral Analysis Made Effortless!


Configurable to your application and needs within the wavelength range 300-1000 nm


Works with USB connector, light sources from SMA905, accessories and software

Easy to use 

Plug and play via the flexible USB cable


Lightweight dimension in 44  × 42.78 × 26.25 mm and weigh just 50 g

SpectraPort vs. Other brand in Hg-Ar Performance

效能比較圖_Pleroma 效能.png

Technical Specification

Optical Module
Spectral Range
300~1000 nm
Spectral Resolution
5 nm
Spectral Accuracy
0.5 nm
Stray Light
Image Sensor
OV9281 Mono
A/D Conversion
8 bits
Optical connector
Measurement time
10 Hz
Working temperature
5 ~ 35 ℃
Connector type
Dimensions (W×D×H)
44 mm × 47.28 mm × 26.25 mm
Weight (module only)
Weight (module + holder)
Blue Background

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