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Pleroma is a micro-spectrometer designed for Raspberry Pi applications. It is integrated with an optical MEMS chip and an image sensor.  The light to be measured is guided through its entrance port via an optical fiber and outputs the measured spectrum through the CSI port for data acquisition. Pleroma ensures accurate measurement with minimal noise. It includes evaluation software and Python source code that enable users to configure measurement settings, acquire and save data, and display graphs. Pleroma is designed to fully utilize the open-source capabilities of the Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer (SBC), allowing for easy and rapid customization of user applications.
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Where Innovation Meets Precision:
the World-first Chip Spectrometer

Key Features

  • Visible spectrum 300-1000 nm measurement

  • Optical Resolution: 5~7 nm

  • Direct connection to Raspberry Pi single-board computer

  • Free spectral measurement software for wavelength calibration

  • Provide Python Source Code for user development

Pleroma: Spectrum of Possibilities with Raspberry Pi Power!

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Configurable to your application and needs within the wavelength range 300-1000 nm


Works with Raspberry Pi, light sources from SMA905, accessories and software

Easy to use 

Plug and play via the flexible flat cable


Lightweight dimension in 44  × 42.78 × 26.25 mm and weigh just 12 g

Pleroma vs. Other brand in Hg-Ar Lamp Performance

效能比較圖_Pleroma 效能.png

Learn more about Pleroma Micro-spectrometer

Technical Specification

Optical Module
Flat-field concave grating
Spectral Range
300~1000 nm
Spectral Resolution
5 nm
Spectral Accuracy
0.5 nm
Stray Light
Image Sensor
OV9281 Mono
Number of pixels
A/D Conversion
8 bits
Integration time
0 ~ 1,000,000 μs
Total noise level
Data Interface
CSI camera connector
Power Consumption
158 mW
Optical connector
Measurement time
10 Hz
Working temperature
5 ~ 35 °C
Dimensions (W×D×H)
44 mm × 47.28 mm × 26.25 mm
Weight (module only)
Weight (module + holder)
Blue Background

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