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SpectroChip Enables Remote Healthcare and Preventive Medicine Vision

Dr. Ko Cheng-Hao

Jun 28, 2022

The developed "SpectroChip Precision Rapid Screening Device" has been used in multiple hospitals for antibody quantitative rapid screening. Clinical validations in various medical institutions have confirmed the device's sensitivity in antibody detection, surpassing the international standard ELISA by over a thousand times. It is a breakthrough technology with unique and superior capabilities for early and trace antibody detection.

How does the "SpectroChip Precision Rapid Screening Device" support Taipei's antibody rapid screening research, achieving four major advantages: speed, cost-effectiveness, accuracy, and wide coverage?

The device currently supports antibody rapid screening research for 5,000 individuals in Taipei's Wanhua District, fully demonstrating its advantages in speed, cost-effectiveness, accuracy, and wide coverage. It completes the entire antibody testing process within 15 minutes (compared to over two hours of sample processing and testing time in hospitals' machines). It requires only a small blood sample without the need for sample pre-processing. Its accuracy is comparable to that of hospital machines, and its compact size allows for widespread testing locations. The data can be instantly uploaded to the cloud for real-time big data analysis in epidemiological investigations.

By distributing 10,000 "SpectroChip Precision Rapid Screening Devices" throughout Taipei, the city's population can be accurately screened for antibodies within five days. Testing locations can be widely established in clinics, health stations, and other places, enabling decentralized antibody testing and significantly reducing the burden on hospitals.

Expected to support the "decentralization of testing"

The "SpectroChip Precision Rapid Screening Device" can accurately detect the concentration of neutralizing antibodies in the human body, which can precisely measure vaccine efficacy. Professor Ke's team is collaborating with the FDA CLIA laboratory at Temple University in the United States to conduct precise rapid screening of neutralizing antibodies. Clinical experiments involving 400 individuals have already achieved a high level of agreement, reaching 98% when compared to large machines. The team is preparing to apply for FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

If approved, the "SpectroChip Precision Rapid Screening Device" will be the world's first Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) device for precise neutralizing antibody detection, widely applicable in personal doctor visits and clinics. After EUA approval, the device's market will include 600,000 clinics across the United States, fully realizing the ideal of "decentralization of testing."

The "SpectroChip Precision Rapid Screening Device" developed using the SpectroChip has received recognition from medical experts and has been honored with international and national awards:

  1. 2021 International Innovation Award (IIA)

  2. 2021 National Startup Award and Future Technology Breakthrough Award

  3. 2020 National Startup Award (the only technology to receive three awards in the same year in the history of the National Startup Award)

  4. 2018 and 2019 consecutive Future Technology Breakthrough Awards (the only technology to receive the award for two consecutive years in the history of the Future Technology Breakthrough Award).

The SpectroChip's detection platform is a concept of universal machines: everything has a spectrum. In the future, it can be applied to blood, tumors, various chronic diseases, urine, pet urine, food safety, plasticizers, industrial heavy metals, semiconductor plant pollution, etc. Additionally, when combined with AI intelligent big data analysis, it enables remote payment, remote healthcare, remote long-term care monitoring, and precision medicine.

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