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National Startup Award: Innovative Medical Materials and Diagnostic Technology by Startup Company - SpectroChip Inc.

National Startup Group

Oct 22, 2020

SpectroChip Inc, with its core technology of 'Spectrochip,' is a Taiwanese startup company founded by Dr. Ko Chenghao. After years of dedicated research, the company possesses original patented technologies in both research and manufacturing processes. Its main product, The ONE InstantCare, utilizes the 'SpectroChip' to achieve rapid quantitative analysis of COVID-19 antibodies, making it the only technology globally capable of achieving precise and quantitative COVID-19 rapid screening tests in small quantities. The company has also developed a handheld, portable, user-friendly, and high-specificity/sensitivity/highly specific COVID-19 antibody and antigen micro-quantitative detection platform. In the future, a drop of blood or saliva will be sufficient for an economical and fast micro-quantitative COVID-19 rapid screening test. This groundbreaking technology has received high recognition from the US FDA.

Additionally, the company applies the 'SpectroChip' to 'miniaturize medical testing instruments.' Traditional testing methods pose significant inconveniences in terms of timeliness and sample transportation for patients in home care and remote areas. Patients with chronic diseases in remote areas often require frequent monitoring of biochemical and immune data related to conditions such as kidney and liver diseases. However, they face challenges due to mobility limitations and difficulties in blood sampling. Rural doctors also struggle with a lack of suitable portable testing tools. The company's products are expected to replace most functions of standard laboratories, and due to their smaller size, they can integrate communication technology, Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and cloud technology, enabling the downsizing and personalization of large-scale testing equipment. In the future, they will become Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) instruments suitable for home care or telemedicine.

SpectroChip will be the guardian of your future health!

Judges' Recommendation

  1. The team combines expertise from different industries, accumulating 15 years of research experience and specialized spectroscopy core technology. They have developed spectroscopy chips and miniature spectroscopy devices. The SpectroChip has been miniaturized to the size of an SD card, and the chip is produced through wafer fabrication with a spectroscopic resolution of 5nm.

  2. The technology is unique, using spectroscopy devices for COVID-19 antibody testing. It can detect antibodies in the early stages of patient infection, effectively expanding testing capabilities and providing real-time results.

2022 Progress and Achievements

After receiving the award, the company continued to develop the functionality of The ONE InstantCare platform and formed the 'Transformative Medicine Alliance' with Xiaogang Hospital and Changxing Material. The major advancements are as follows:

  1. Collaboratively developed SRBD antibody reagents for COVID-19 and obtained manufacturing permits from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, as well as EDMA Code 15709008 EU permits.

  2. Conducted clinical experiments for COVID-19 neutralizing antibody POCT at Temple University Hospital in the United States and applied for EUA.

  3. Collaboratively developed composite testing strips for respiratory viruses FLUA, FLU B, and COVID-19.

  4. Expanded the original platform into the SpectroChip Intelligent COVID-19 Precise Rapid Screening platform.

  5. Developed the SpectroChip Intelligent COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Screening Cloud Management System.

  6. Completed performance comparisons of SpectroChip module with major competitive manufacturers.

  7. Increased SpectroChip production capacity to 250 spectrometers and 30 spectroscopy systems.

  8. Participated in the 'Wanhua Community COVID-19 Immunity Antibody Testing Service' project, testing approximately 5,000 individuals.

  9. Expanded the domestic epidemic prevention market, achieving approximately

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