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Biochemical Analyzer, SE-100

  • Highly sensitive

  • Spectral range: 300-1000 nm

  • Easy operation with mobile phone App 

  • Rapid quantitative result in 10-15 mins

  • Portable for any test site applications

  • Wide-ranging of applications

Product Overview

The Spectro-Engine is a compact and lightweight mini-spectrometer that fits in the palm of your hand. Operating it is simple, and it delivers measurements in a matter of seconds. This device offers an extensive and uninterrupted spectral range of 300 -1000 nm and a high-resolution spectrum of 3 - 5 nm. It is suitable for measuring the absorbance or fluorescence of chemical materials. Despite being significantly more affordable than traditional spectral instruments, it delivers comparable performance.

Test Solutions

Lab Experiments

Chemical Analysis

  • MelamineTotal Antioxidant Capacity Capacity Assay

  • Bicinchoninic Acid (BCA) Protein Quantitation Assay 

  • dsDNA Broad Range Quantitative Fluorescent Assay

  • Lactoferrin Fluorescent Assay

Technical Specification

Optical Module
Detection Type
Transmission, Absorbance, Fluorescence Spectrum
5 nm
Spectral Accuracy
0.5 nm
Light Source
UV LED (Peak~345 nm) / Cyan (Peak~500 nm) / White LED (400~700 nm)
2400:1 (33.8 dB)
Dynamic Range
4096:1 (36.1 dB)
Stray Light
Sample Vessel
200 μL, 600 μL / 1cm cuvette, 3 cm cuvette
Turn-around Time
4 seconds
Sensitivity: LOD
OD accuracy: <1% at 2.0 OD / OD repeatability: < 0.5 % at 2.0 OD
Power Interface
Micro USB (5V/2.4A)
Power Supply
≥ 12 W USB Power Adaptor
11 cm x 10 cm x 7 cm
Data Interface
Mini USB / Bluetooth
430 g
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