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The ONE InstantCare

Multi-functional LFIA Analyzer, MA-100

  • Highly sensitive

  • Spectral range: 300-1000 nm

  • Easy operation with mobile phone App 

  • Rapid quantitative result in 10-15 mins

  • Portable for any test site applications

  • Wide-ranging of applications

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Product Overview

The ONE InstantCare is a compact spectrometer designed for quick screening of different specimens. It operates within the spectral range of 300~1000 nm with resolutions ranging from 3 to 5 nm. By reading the absorption spectrum of colloidal gold on test kits, it enables semi-quantitative analysis, leading to more precise and sensitive result interpretations. This machine is lightweight, user-friendly, and highly convenient, providing results within just 10-15 minutes. It finds applications in various fields, including point-of-care settings, environmental measurements, production line quality control, and information devices, among others.

The All-in-One
Rapid Test Screening Platform

Test Solutions

Image by CDC




Neutralizing Antibodies

Image by Егор Камелев

Dengue Fever

Type I

Type II

Type III

Type IV

Technical Specification

Spectral dispersion principle
Flat-field micro concave grating chip
Spectral range
300 ~ 1000 nm
Spectral resolution (FWHM)
5 - 7 nm
Wavelength reproducibility
±0.375 nm
Stray light
0.04 %
Power Interface
USB Mini
Data Interface
USB Micro / Bluetooth
Power Supply
12-Watt USB Power Adaptor
LFIA Rapid Test
Specimen (volume)
Finger-tip Blood (10 μL)
Turn-around Time
10-15 mins
Sensitivity: LOD
Antibody: 0.186 ng/mL (ppb)
Dimensions (W × D × H)
16 x 10.5 x 12 cm
700 g
Image sensor type
Number of spectral pixels
1,280 pixels
Input optical solid angle
24 degree
Operating temperature
+5 ~ +35 °C
Storage temperature
-20 ~ +70 °C
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